Inspired by the ever changing beauty of nature, Lisa aims to capture this essence and feeling in her paintings. Devon is a far cry from the wilds of her African childhood. Her grandmother painted the sparse expanses of the Namibian dunes. Her mother paints the arid Kalahari desert in Botswana. Perhaps it was inevitable that wherever Lisa settled, she would seek out the untamed landscapes surrounding her – the energetic rivers and the crumbling red cliffs, reminiscent of the Kalahari sands of her childhood.

Lisa has done four commissions  for our family, which really speaks for itself.  All portraits, with the last being a family group of six plus our cat!  We commissioned Lisa because of her enchanting, informal style. She has the amazing ability to capture the very soul of her subject which makes the end result very special.  Lisa kept perfectly to her predicted completion date which was important as each portrait was a gift for a special occasion.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa, we have been so very pleased with all that she has done.

Hilary Arnot

I have worked with Lisa on some great projects over a ten year period. Lisa has offered a complete range of services from business cards, logos, signage, presentation folders, brochures, posters, CVs, cover letters to web design layout and visual branding – I have loved all her designs. Lisa is really helpful, explains the process thoroughly and has a good sense of what will work best. She is incredibly talented and wonderfully artistic. The end result is always stunning. I really appreciate her attention to detail and commitment to finding the right colours, layout and format. I respect and admire the wonderful way that she is able to bring the value of art and creativity to people. She is a true artist and has helped to take my business to a whole other level. Lisa will help bring your idea to life and make the process a real pleasure. Thank you for always doing such a great job.



Sharon Simpson

Director, Dance Therapy Centre

As a repeat customer, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lisa.  She’s created four beautiful portraits, using both watercolour and acrylic paints, which have each made successful gifts.  She patiently welcomes feedback and fine-tuning requests as her work is progressing, and always delivers on time.  Lisa is a pleasure to deal with.

Rachel Kirk