My new body of work was started at the beginning of lockdown, which has helped me make sense of the shifts going on around the world and reflect on what is meaningful in life.

Using various methods of layering, piecing together fragments through mixed media and scraping, sanding and peeling off – metaphorically delving deeper to discover what lies beneath and our own hidden strengths.

I have also tapped into my love for the unique textures that occur on weathered walls, old billboards and rusting metal, showing the scars of time. I am enjoying the process of adding and subtracting – painting layers and glueing pieces on and then gouging and scraping off until a balance is found.

I am taking part in Devon Open Studios 2020 – a pop up venue in Kennaway House, in the beautiful coastal town, Sidmouth.

The next Devon Open Studios will take place: Saturday 12 – Sunday 27 September 2020. I will however only be open from 15 – 27 September.